Topics to be Covered *

  • Basic Concepts – bits and bytes, computer jargon, etc.

  • Hardware & peripherals including storage media.

  • Software – operating systems.

  • Software – productivity (e.g. Office and Google suites, Prezi, Lucidpress) & practical applications

  • Files and Folders – file formats, saving & locating files, creating folders, organizing data, etc.

  • Internet Security/Networks

  • Touch Screen Technology - tablets and SMART Boards

  • Coding and basic programming

  • Introduction to robotics and control systems

  • Multimedia applications such as electronic resumes, audio & video editing

  • Ethical Use of Technology


Assignments/Testing Methods

  • Word/Docs & Excel/Sheets Assignments

  • System Specs Assignment - analyze your computer.

  • Print Design Project – colour brochure.

  • Presentation project – demonstration of speaking skills, technical proficiency and creativity.

  • News Article Assignment on technology.

  • Build-A-Robot Assignment

  • Coding Assignment

  • Two Interim Tests - short answer, multiple choice and workstation exercises.

  • Final Exam – written (multiple choice & short answer) and practical.

Length and Methods of Course

  • About 34 weeks x 40 min./wk. formal teaching time.

  • Mixed format – lecture with PowerPoint/Prezi, demonstrations, field trips and special guests, hands on activities & some lab format with workstation setup.

  • Some written information in the form of handouts will be given.

  • Reference material also to be posted to the web site or server.

*Topics may vary due to time constraints or specific needs.